Great Atlantic Resources Corp. acquired the Southwest Golden Promise Gold Property through staking in early 2019. The property is located within the central Newfoundland gold belt, within the Dunnage Zone and Exploits Sub-Zone. The property, covering an area of 1000 hectares, is centered approximately 4 kilometers west of the southern-most region of the Company’s Golden Promise Property. The Southwest Golden Promise Gold Property covers an area of reported historic gold soil anomalies (up to 7.6 g/t Au) and reported historic gold-bearing quartz float samples (up to 6.7 g/t Au). Note that these historic sampling records have been examined but not verified by a Qualified Person. Further work is required to verify that historical records for the property are accurate.

Key Facts


  • Reported historic (2008) approximately 260-meter long northeast-southwest gold soil anomaly trend including one reported sample of 7,667 ppb Au (7.6 g/t Au).
  • Reported historic (2009) gold-bearing quartz float samples returning 6.78 & 2.44 g/t Au within anomalous soil trend.
  • Reported visible gold in historic panned soil samples.
  • Within the Exploits Sub-Zone of the Duunage Zone adjacent to and along the southeast margin of the Red Indian Line, a major (Appalachian-scale) collisional boundary, and suture zone.