porcupine009Porcupine is a precious metal – base metal – rare earth elements property (REE), located in central New Brunswick. It was recently expanded and currently covers an area of approximately 2,830 hectares.
The primary area of focus is the central region where Great Atlantic discovered base metal and silver mineralization in float and bedrock. This work was somewhat guided by historic reports dating back to the 1950s. A 2012 Great Atlantic trench in this central region exposed a mineralized zone reported to be shear related with the best channel sample being 5.48% Zn, 1.08% Pb and 0.36% Cu over 1 metre channel length. A qualified person has not verified this data as the sample location is no longer evident in the trench. A Qualified Person has verified lead, zinc and copper sulfide mineralization in stringers / veins in altered and sheared volcanic rocks within the approximately 25m long east-west trench. Mineralized boulders in another trench in this area were sampled in 2012. One such boulder returned 20.7% Pb, 6.89% Zn, 2.04% Cu and 122 g/t Ag. A qualified person has not verified these boulders / data as the trench has been subsequently reclaimed. A qualified person verified mineralized boulders in this area in 2011. The 2012 trench samples and lab inserted blank, duplicate and standard samples were analyzed by Activation Laboratories Ltd. (Ancaster, Ontario) by INAA and Four Acid ICP-OES (Activation Laboratories is independent of Great Atlantic). Drilling is planned for 2018 in the central region of the property in the area of the 2012 trenches.
Great Atlantic identified base metal soil geochemical anomalies in the central region (including area of 2012 trenches) and REE soil geochemical anomalies in the central and southern regions during 2011 (-80 mesh sample portions and lab inserted blank, standard and duplicate samples analyzed by Activation Laboratories in Ancaster, Ontario by four acid ICP-MS and ICP- OES). Great Atlantic also conducted IP geophysics in these areas, identifying anomalies. The soil geochemical anomalies have not been verified by a qualified person.
There has been limited diamond drilling on the property (10 holes total). Great Atlantic management believe there is potential for both volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) and shear hosted deposits. It has yet to be determined if the volcanic rocks correlate with Bathurst camp rocks.
The property has recently been optioned to Fort St. James Nickel Corp.


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