Each year in autumn, Incrementum AG publishes the In Gold We Trust chartbook, containing a compendium of some of the most compelling charts of the In Gold We Trust report 2021.
Great Atlantic Resources is pleased to offer a copy of the annual report, as well as its accompanying chartbook to investors, partners, and any other parties with an interest in understanding the global gold industry.

What's included:

  • The Monetary Climate Change and the Move from “The Great Moderation” to “The Great Recklessness” – Moving from an era of monetary dominance to a new era of fiscal dominance.
  • The Tipping Point Ahead and an Overview of Current Inflationary Forces – Higher inflation rates are not transitory and real interest rates will remain negative for years to come.
  • The Status Quo of Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks – Mining stocks will have the most profitable year in history in 2021.
  • The Outlook for Gold and Commodities – Gold price 2030: USD 4,800; 2022 new all-time highs possible and a new commodity cycle in the making?
  • And much more...